ALLETIDERS DANS is a privately owned Dance Studio and we receive no public fundings.
At ALLETIDES DANS the joy of dance is at focus. Imagine at perfect combination of great instructors, cozy environment, relaxed atmosphere, socializing in the reception area and studens filled with excitement waiting for their turn! That is what ALLETIDERS DANS is all about.

ALLETIDERS DANS is a member of World Dance Program and DDD (De Danske Danseskoler), which is an association of professional dance studios in Denmark. This will guarantee you of a qualified and professional dance class.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new season filled with lots of great dance offers.

Best regards

Torben Karl Nielsen

ALLETIDERS DANS is located right between Lindevang and Flintholm Metro Stations.
Classrooms are located at Bernhard Bangs Allé 31, st. DK-2000 Frederiksberg.

The new program “Winter 2017-2018” is available now.
You can find all the new classes if you go to the page: “HOLD VINTERSÆSON 2017-2018”.

Are you arranging a bachelor party, company party or family party, then it will be a fun idea to get your legs moving. ALLETIDERS DANS offer classes in many types of dance, which can be accommodated with your party. A few examples are Zumba, Disco, Hip Hop, Linedance, Salsa, Jitterbug, Retro Dance Mix and much more. Your choose if it will take place at your location
or at the Dance Studio.

Contact us by phone +45 3832 1234 to book time and place.

…have to be parked by the wall close to the container, or use the bike rack by the entrance.
A lot of people are really good at doing so, but please try to avoid blocking the blue doors (at no. 33) as well, due to people have to be able to walk in and out.

The parking spots in the parking lot are reserved for the tenants in the building but ALLETIDERS DANS only have two spots reserved…
Therefore we kindly ask students and parents to respect the other tenants parking spots and be aware that any use of these are at own risk. There is 2 hours of free parking on Bernhard Bangs Allé.

…has to be put on silent or be turned off, when you are present in the ballrooms.
There are of course FREE WIFI at the dance studio. Please ask for the password at the reception.

It is NOT allowed to wear outdoor shoes at the dance studio.

This concerns both students and parents.
Use the assigned BLACK shoe shelves in th hallway.
Thank you for your cooperation… 🙂

Due to lack of space in the ballrooms and in the reception area, we kindly ask all students and parents to use the assigned wardrobe for outerwear and shoes or the changing rooms for a change of clothes and bags. Thank you…

…where you can dance your choice of style with your friends, classmates or coworkers.
Contact the dance studio at +45 3832 1234 or dans@alletidersdans.dk for more information regarding price.
The only condition is that you are a minimum of 8 people attending and that we of course have available space…

…for the little ones (4-5 years) are of course welcome to drop off the kids to the dance teacher and be present at the first class. But the sooner you can let the kids go, the better. All the kids get a greater dance experience at the class when the parents are not present. Furthermore we do simply not have the space in the ballroom for both mom, dad, grandparents, siblings etc. So mom and dad are not present in the ballroom after the first class.

Thank you for your understanding.

At the first class in the beginning of the month, parents are welcomed into the ballroom to see the last part of the dance class in OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER, FEBRUARY and MARCH. only.

WINTER SEASON 2017-2018:

REGISTRATION FEE is included in the class prices!
KODA/GRAMEX fee is included in the class prices!
WIFI is included in the class prices!
TICKET to the ALLETIDERS DANS End of Season Show 2018 for all participating students is included in the class price!

The winter season 2017-2018 begins Friday September 1st, and ends with ALLETIDERS DANS’ “END of SEASON SHOW 2018” in Herlev Hallen Saturday April 7st 2018.

45 minure classes: 3 rates of Dkk. 850,-
60 minutes classes: 3 rates of Dkk.925,-
Competition classes: 3 rates of Dkk. 1.250,-

Notice: Studens participating in the formation classes, competition classes and Miniproduction classes, do not end the season until June 7th 2018!

The entire season is paid in 3 rates, respectively at the first class of teaching, October 1st and November 1st.

As a minimum the first rate has to be paid no later than at the first class at the dance studio in cash, by VISA/Dankort or through Online banking:

Nordea Bank
Registration no.: 2107
Account no.: 5367 153 115

Remember to write the STUDENTS NAME AND CLASS number in the message of the transaction, thank you.

Same student/sibling: 2 classes: Dkk. 150,- discount per rate.
Same student/sibling: 3 classes: Dkk. 300,- discount per rate.

10% discount if the entire season is paid no later than September 7th 2017.
Dkk. 100,- discount per rate for participating siblings/family members.

Multiple classes discount and sibling/family member discount is deducted from the total season price before 10% discount is deducted.

Classes already paid will not be refunded.

Please notice, that registration and payment are binding for the entire season and payment through rates is only a kind of service from the dance studio.
If the class is not paid on time there will be added a fee of Dkk. 100,- per reminder. ALLETIDERS DANS can withhold the student access to the class until the outstanding matter is paid.
It is not possible to attend any activities at the dance studio or in DDD if the student has an outstanding with the dance studio.

ALLETIDERS DANS are not liable for any printing errors.